The Reckoning is a progression focused guild on the Permafrost server of EQ2
Raid Days - Monday 7:15-9pm EST
Tuesday & Wednesday 7:15-11:30pm EST

Membership Status and Attendance:
Applicants -All Applicants must be level 95, have 340aa, Potent ToV gear or better, 650 Crit Chance, and have their Mythical Conversion. 

Note: Applicants must not suffer from the Dunning and Kruger effect,

Dunning and Kruger proposed that, for a given skill, incompetent people will:

tend to overestimate their own level of skill;
fail to recognize genuine skill in others;
fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy

Applicants will raid an equivalent of one week with the guild. After that period the leadership will decide if that player will be further evaluated for the full three week period. After the three week period the recruit will be promoted based off of his attendance and raid performance. The application period is solely to evaluate the skills, and raid abilitys(scripts, class knowledge, follow instructions, etc.) of the player. 

Members -  MUST maintain over 80% attendance at all times,and have satisfactory raid performance

Part Time Members -MUST maintain between 50% and 80% attendance, and have satisfactory raid performance

No Post No show:

Members - will be docked 10 DKP for every "no post no show". After 2 consecutive "no post no shows" you will be demoted to "Member Alts" if Member/Part Time Members.

Applicants - Will be removed from the guild after ONE "no post no show".

Note: Upon returning, if the player requests to return to raiding, leadership will evaluate and determine the players status.

Extended breaks- Leadership must be notified via post or tell. If the break is longer than 2 weeks the Member/Part Time Member will be placed into the "Member Alts" rank, and your spot will open to applicants. Applicants will be removed from the guild. If this occures all DKP for that member will be lost.  If and when said member decides to return to raiding or their personal situation allows for that member to raid again. That member will have to start back off as an applicant. If that spot has been filled they will have to contest the spot of the member that is currently in the spot.

Attendance demotions/promotions - At the end of each raid attendance will be accessed and demotions/promotions will take place. If the Member does not maintain 80%+ attendance they will be demoted to Part Time Member. If that member drops below 50% the position will be open to recruitment.

Note: If the member decides that he wants to raid elsewhere when he returns either with his character guilded in <The Reckoning> or with an alternate character. That character will be removed from the guild.
Leadership has the ability to make exceptions to the attendance policy.

Performance in raids is just as important as the attendance, if you want to maintain your Member/Part Time Member status DO YOUR BEST!

          For questions you can contact the following leadership in game: